Developing of Prepaid Telephone Cards During the History

Prepaid phone cards have done a long distance since they were first applied in Europe. During seventieth, interest to the evolving of phone calling cards was greatly increased. The development of international calling card led to their employment in a lot of countries. In our days, it is arduous to find a state which does not use phone cards.


In this article you’ll seek info about evolving of phone calling cards since 1970 to our days. In 1975 the telecommunication firms have faced the riddle of scarcity of moneys and of burglary in the pay telephone systems.

The most advantageous way out of the problem proposed by purveyor of vending machines, they invented calling phone cards. Calling cards were a proposition of communication company SIDA.

In 1976 Italy became the first state which began a consecutive transition to the calling cards. In 1977 amid the states which started to introduce phone cards attached Austria, France, Sweden and United Kingdom. These cards made likely to get rid of the many obstacles, and so they quickly became popular amid the people, soon the rest of Europe began to utilize phone calling cards. After some period, international calling card became matured in some states throughout the world. Prepaid calling cards appeared in Eastern world.

There was found an interesting deployment to calling cards Japan, they utilize them in Subway. During the year 1987 phone cards matured in Western world. During this year Siemens and General Electric Company created these cards and introduced magstripes technology. In our time, you can find magstripes technologies everywhere in economic field.

The world of phone cards was entered by AT&T, a big telecommunication corporation, in 1989. This establishment began to introduce services connected with calling cards, first to Hawaii and than they acquainted other regions of United States with these cards. In the year 1990 calling cards began to be applied with magnetic stripes technology. At this period, the growth of prepaid calling cards industry came to rise. The first use of PIN numbers, long distance calls, and many other services continued to grow in Western world.


In the year 1992 popularity of phone calling cards has reached the highest levels. All main telecommunication corporations began to manufacture phone calling cards. In these years manufacturing of prepaid phone cards increased another level because little telecommunication companies started to output the prepaid phone cards of their own. During only 2 years sales have doubled, compared with the last years, they have reached the mark of twelve million dollars. The interest of majority companies was caused by incredible jump in sales in 1993, the sellings of phone cards achieved 25 million dollars.

During the year 1995 emerged another finding in calling cards sphere. Telephone cards were fitted with chips instead of magstripes. It caused a tremendous growth in sales. They reached 650 million US dollars.

The sales increased the highest level of more than billion USD. Telephone cards found their use to pay for different services: online phone cards, send a fax, to deposit a fixed phone or even mobile phone.

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